Eric Behaghel
After graduating from the ESSEC business school, Eric Behaghel started a career in finance. After over 20 years working for JP Morgan, where he was Vice-President of the financial center in Paris, then in London and later, in Geneva, and 2 years as General Manager of the Qatar National Bank (Switzerland), he joined BNP Paribas (Switzerland) in 2011 as Manager of activities in the Middle-East sector. In 2001, he decided to split his time between 2 very different worlds : finance and cinema, which he is truly passionate about. From the very foundation of Aloest Productions, he accepted to be the manager and to dedicate with François-Hughes de Vaumas and Xavier de Lauzanne.
François-Hugues de Vaumas
After graduating from the de Tours ESC business school (Escem), François-Hugues de Vaumas cut his teeth on TV before founding with his accomplice Xavier de Lauzanne Aloest Productions, where he is the executive producer. Passionate and later savvy about broadcasting technology , he sets up the most suited resources for the different productions Aloest is responsible for. Always aware of new technologies, he imagines innovative systems and likes to take up technical challenges. Alongside his producer activity, he directs films for museums and for educational purposes, which develops his talent as a director. Strong technical stances, an acute sense of didactics and an unmistakable preoccupation with aesthetics are the three main aspects of his films.
Xavier de Lauzanne
Author, Director, Producer
Born in the Paris area in 1970, Xavier de Lauzanne studied hotel management before setting up a hotel management training organization for young people from disadvantaged circles in Martinique, in Vietnam and in Cambodia. Passionate about image, he bought his first digital video camera in 1999, to shoot a documentary essay in Vietnam, “Hanoi between two 14ths of july', about the story of a rickshaw driver at the turn of the century. He learned the actual techniques of directing when he met the founders of the association “Pour un sourire d'enfant” (For a child's smile) in Cambodia, and filmed their public relations film for them.

Production The Caros

Caroline Florentin
Production manager
Sensitive to current events and interested in everything audiovisual for a long time, Caroline Florentin was admitted to a journalism school and specialized in documentaries. These studies allowed her to develop two qualities : flexibility, by being responsible for the entire production chain, and precision, in writing especially, thanks to her experience in the field of daily local press. She is also particularly attracted to subjects linked with social and international issues. Caroline Florentin commits herself in an efficient and organized way to the film projects that she is entrusted with to make everything technical is coordinated and to act as a link between each party.
Caroline Malliart
Production manager
Passionate about cinema, Caroline Malliart did a Master's degree in audiovisual studies at the Sorbonne after a Bachelor's degree in French Language and Literature. Her past experience in cinema production and in radio documentaries on France Culture confirmed her interest in image and sound. Organized and perseverant, she likes things to be well done and isn't afraid to commit herself to each of the projects she is responsible for, especially when it's about bringing out culture and knowledge. She likes projects with strong contents calling for important editorial work.


Jérôme Krumenacker
Director of photography, Camera Operator
Ever since he was 15, Jérôme Krumenacker has been invited on film sets. Switsching between electrical best boy for one project and assistant camera for another, he becomes director of photography at age 25 and sets up his own structure, Jérônimo. He was on the set of several full length feature films (including one shot in Super 8 in complex conditions in Iran : “Tabous” by Mitra Farahani). Also director of photography in documentaries, TV films and advertisments, he worked on “Henri-Georges Clouzot's Inferno” directed by Serge Bromberg and Ruxanda Médréa, best documentary at the 2010 César awards and selected at the 2009 Cannes awards (out of competition). Among his masters, he readily names Robert Richardson or Dane Spinoti and seeks inspirations with the greatest in photography such as Josef Koudelka, René Burri, Mario Giacomelli, Raymond Depardon, Bill Brandt and William Egglestron. For every project, he is careful to reconcile the director's desires with the resources approved by the production : it's sort of a tightrope walker's job.
Mathieu Aimard
Photojournalist, Cameraman
Mathieu Aimard has been covering national and international bews for CNN for 10 years. His experience with big international media developed his speed, responsiveness and precision in his shots.
Sylvain Cambe
Sylvain Cambe is passionate about images. The ones that tell a tale, that seduce, that are aesthetic. After cutting his teeth as photojournalist for a local TV channel, he operates handheld camera gracefully. He know how to capture gestures, expressions, and details by offering an original setting. Spontaneous, enthusiastic and curious, he takes part in all kinds of projects : video recordings of concerts, of shows, sports events coverage, shooting of educational and advertising films.
Pierre Blanchandin
Pierre Blanchandin has an exceptional sense of framing. Using the lens of his video camera as one would use a pen to write, he likes to tell meaningful stories , composing very rich shots with what he sees. Handheld camera, turret cameras control or multi-camera set, he adapts to all types of equipment.
Véronique Bréchot
Continuity girl, assistant-director
Véronique Bréchot's great strong point is her ability to lead multipurpose missions brilliantly. Reliable, responsive and clever, she knows how to deal with complex situations. Nothing escapes her, she anticipates obstacles, she gives directions to the technical teams and takes charge of the directing when necessary. After Graduating from the 3Is (International Sound and Image Institute), Véronique Bréchot also directed a few TV documentaries and has helped well-known directors such as Costa-Gavras on full-length feature films.


Jean-Maxime Besset
Images are something you work on : assembling them is a delicate task that requires the editor to be able to outline the director's expectancies and be understanding, sensitive and creative. Those are certainly some of Jean-Maxime Besset's qualities, whom Aloest Production can regularly trust.
Gaël Jacquemin
Cameraman, Editor
Because of his versatility, Gaël Jacquemin plays a major part in postproduction at Aloest Productions. Framing, editing, graphic design : he knows how to use every tool perfectly. A perfectionist by nature, he is especially creative, always on the lookout for a new idea. He manages to give each of the projects we entrust him with a unique and original touch. After graduating from the ESRA (Superior School of Audiovisual Filmmaking), Gaël Jacquemin also directs documentary films, fictions, clips or advertisements.
Julien Chudik
3D Computer graphics designer
His Precision, his artistic taste and his resilience make Julien Chudik an essential link in the 3D filmmaking process. This self-taught made discovered 3D in 2001. Since then, he has been freewheeling and taking part in numerous projects, such as advertisement movies for automobile manufacturers, animated feature films (“A monster in Paris”) or corporate movies.
Camille Rocailleux
Above all things, music has determined his life. Since age 7, Camille has been studying piano, music writing and percussions. He is quickly noticed for his talent, which earns him a place in several orchestra ensembles. In 2000, he founded the Arcosm company with Thomas Guerry. His career as a film music composer started with that. In 2003, he wrote the soundtrack for the documentary “Un rêve algérien” (An Algerian dream, dir. Jean-Pierre Lledo) for France 2 cinéma and in 2004, he wrote the music for the film “3 Dancing Slaves” directed by Gaël Morel. Also active in the field of French vocal music (alongside singers such as Daphné, Benjamin Biolay or Camille...) as well as in international vocal music, he knows how to offer rich and diverse musical environments. More than just a “sound illustration”, Camille Rocailleux's music brings more consistency to our films.
Sylvain Bernicot
Graphics Designer, Motion Designer
What Sylvain Bernicot does most is drawing. He knows how to adapt the graphics to the subject : a modern style ? A playful scribble-like design ? A refined and pure line ? His works are systematically just right and original. Also a 2D or 3D animator, his outlook and his imagination provide him with powerful idea for any type of project. Thanks to his eight years of collaboration with Aloest Productions, even the most demanding clients are enthusiastic about him.


Jacques Pélissier
Passionate about the diverse documentary composition styles, Jacques Pélissier is the distributor for Aloest Distribution. Previously an audiovisual attaché in Kiev, he was involved in the creation and the programming of several festivals in France (Short Film Festival and later Ecofilm Festival in Lille, Ukrainian Cinema Evenings in Paris) and in the Ukraine (Dok-Maidan, a documentary festival). Today, he is still one of the programmers for the Festival du film d'éducation (Educational film festival) in Évreux. For Aloest Distribution, he developed an editorial line revolving around creative documentaries offering a outlook on societies issues from near of far.


Charles Le Querrec
With a Master's degree in public relations, Charles Le Querrec cut his teeth at Aloest Productions. He stayed there 5 years, then decided to stand on his own feet and open his own public relations agency, Dare Pixel. Since then, he still collaborates with Aloest Productions thanks to his multimedia skills : websites, flyers, image media of any kind, business cards... He makes many promotional items for Aloest Productions.