Carrying water to Versailles

“Acheminement des Eaux à Versailles”

Client: Le Château de Versailles
Duration: 8’30
Directed by: François-Hugues de Vaumas

Project description:

For the exhibit “Sciences & Curiosités à la cour de Versailles” (Sciences and oddities at the Versailles court), Aloest Productions has made an entirely graphically animated film about how water was carried to Versailles between the 16th and the 17th century.
Supplying the ponds and the water fountains in the gardens, ever more numerous with time, bringing water in from places higher or lower than Versailles, keeping it somewhere, finding water that is “alright to drink” to tend to the court’s needs… There were as many challenges as there were inventions to solve them (mills, pumps, lakes, aqueducts…)