The Arctic Way, Three Men Across the Ice

Genre : Documentary Directed by : Arnaud Mansat and Sébastien Roubinet Produced : François-Hugues de Vaumas Production : Aloest Films In the midst of an expanse of … Continue reading “The Arctic Way, Three Men Across the Ice”

Back on the RC4 road

Genre: Social Documentary Duration: 52mn Director(s): Xavier de Lauzanne Producer(s): François-Hugues de Vaumas, Xavier de Lauzanne Production: Aloest Productions DVD Editor: Aloest Productions Order now … Continue reading “Back on the RC4 road”

Chrétiens d’Orient en exil

Genre: Documentaire Réalisation: Thierry Rodon Durée: Teaser de 2 minutes, versions 13 et 26 minutes Production exécutive: Aloest Productions / ©️Fondation Raoul Follereau Diffusion: KTO … Continue reading “Chrétiens d’Orient en exil”

Lazare, une coloc’ solidaire

Genre: Documentaire Durée: Versions 26 et 52 minutes Réalisateur(s): Véronique Bréchot Auteur(s): Caroline Malliart, Philippe Lamblin et Véronique Bréchot Producteur(s): François-Huguesde Vaumas Production: Aloest Productions, … Continue reading “Lazare, une coloc’ solidaire”

Et l’usine créa la ville, Champagne-sur-Seine

Champagne-sur-Seine is now a town of 6,500 inhabitants whose peaceful life hides a great story.

Irak, my love (Irak, mon amour)

In Iraq, the majority of the population is Muslim. But other religious minorities have lived in the same territory for over 2,000 years.

For a smile of child

Twenty years ago, as they travelled around the world in an RV with their four children, Christian and Marie-France des Pallières were completely unaware of the people who awaited them at the end of their adventures, in unnamable distress, the little Phnom Penh rag-and-bone children…

Lord of Darjeeling (Le seigneur de Darjeeling)

At the farthest reaches of India and Nepal, in Darjeeling, Rajah Banerjee, the owner of a family tea establishment was the first one to dedicate himself to organic agriculture and fair trade, though he produces one of the most sought-after teas in the world.