Et l’usine créa la ville, Champagne-sur-Seine

Genre: Documentary
Running time: 52 mins
Director: Xavier de Lauzanne
Producers: Région Ile-de-France, Aloest Productions
DVD publisher: Aloest Productions

Champagne-sur-Seine is now a town of 6,500 inhabitants whose peaceful life hides a great story. Who now remembers the siren which, not so long ago, governed life in Champagne? How many people know the meaning of the acronyms on the fronts of the buildings?
In the town, some people do remember and can answer these questions, because they worked in the factory: Benjamin Ivanoff, Pierre Le Fouillé, Claude Pelletier, Pierre Péchard, Serge Dissoubray, Suzanne Messager, Jean-Pierre Vernery, and Manuel Gomez.
(Excerpts of the documentary “Et l’usine créa la ville, Champagne-sur-Seine” – La place des femmes à l’usine)