Versailles 360°: a world first.

The palace of Versailles
Running time: 6’
Director: François-Hugues de Vaumas

For the opening of the exhibition “Sciences et curiosités à la cour de Versailles” (“Science and Curiosities in Versailles Court”), we made a 360° film shown on an elliptical screen 3 meters high with a circumference of 32 meters which plunges visitors into a Versailles they’ve never dreamed of. Thanks to several spectacular techniques, the audience is immersed in two centuries of history and some twenty scientific locations to relive such events as the first hot-air balloon trip, the dissection of a horse in the stables and an eclipse at the Grand Trianon.

For the first time in the world, a camera with eight HD sensors which permit seamless filming in 360°, was fixed to a cable-cam suspended between two cranes 60 meters high for a spectacular traveling shot of over 400 meters above the palace.

Another feat in post-production: animation and computer graphics were applied to 12000 X 1080 pixel 25 fps footage.

The integration and animation of old etchings into contemporary footage in 360° makes for a dynamic, educational evocation of the effervescence of the court of Versailles.
By taking on this challenge, Aloest Productions is at the forefront of innovation in terms of audiovisual techniques.