Versailles 360°: The making of The Sciences in Versailles in full immersion : A World First

Client: Le Château de Versailles

Project description:

For the opening of the Versailles history gallery (06/14/2012), Aloest Productions made 3D models of the entire Chateau (inside and outside) and of the Versailles domain , and used these models to explain the successive stages of the monument’s history through the centuries : from 1624 to today.
How did a hunting lodge bought by Louis XIII during the 17th century become the greatest castle in Europe ? Watch the three films now screening, also made by Aloest Productions : “Versailles, from Louis XIII to the Revolution”, Versailles, from the gardens to the Trianon Chateaux” and “Versailles, after the French Revolution”
Systems used for this project :
– Laser 3D scans of the Château’s interior, of parts of the façade, of the statues, the ponds and shrubs in the gardens.
– Shooting with equipment in the shrubs : crane, tracking shot, boat
– Creation of a model of the entire Château, of its main quarters, of the Trianon Chateaux, of Marie-Antoinette’s domain and of the gardens.
– Uploading the models onto Google Earth
– Shooting of 3 educational films using those 3D models
– Creating a special graphic cover : the visit inside the 3D model is interspersed with present-day images shot in the shrubberies
A total of over 50 people worked on this project for a year.